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Coaching Groups for College Students

This group is for all undergraduate college students. This closed group will last 16 weeks or the duration of the semester. Many different group times will be available to accommodate students. No more than 6 – 8 students per group.

Cost $1200 or 4 equal payments of $300

Coaching Group for Professionals

This closed group is for professionals and will run for 12 sessions with no more than 6 participants. This group will learn about their ADHD, anxiety and executive function weaknesses and how those issues might interfere in their relationships and their work. They will learn how to use self compassion to calm runaway emotions. They will identify the help they need and clearly communicate with those in their life including their doctor. The participants will use one another outside the group as accountability partners. Coaching Group for Professionals – accepting referrals

Cost $900 or 3 equal payments of $300

Individual Coaching

An ideal individual coaching client would be a student or
professional who is willing to commit to 16 sessions to
get clear on what is holding them back and how to fix it.
Dual diagnosis and complex clients are better suited for
individual coaching.

Cost $2000 or 4 equal payments of $500


I will have one consultation time available per week for parent consultations, productivity audits and for one issue problem solving. Those sessions are always available through my website.

Cost $150

Recommendations from Previous Group Participants

I don’t know why they work but every time I show up for one of the coworking sessions I get so much done – I honestly feel like it’s saving me this semester with all the COVID changes.

Lone Star Community College Sophomore

I already had been in a coaching group with Mrs. Hart and had developed good systems for being a successful college student but the accountability group has really helped me stay on track now that so many of my classes are online.

Out of State University Sophomore

The Accountability Group works as a simple support structure that helps me consciously foster the skills I’ve built but am worried I might slip back into bad habits. We meet with a group to share openly and honestly about how we are managing our schooling and how we can further instill the skills we’ve developed.

A&M University Junior

The Accountability group has helped me immensely. Having others going through the same struggles as me motivates me to show up every week and help to better myself not only academically, but personally in my own life.


San Jacinto Community College Sophomore

I deliver high quality executive function coaching and training for college students and professionals who live with anxiety or ADHD in an inclusive and supportive  environment so that they can have a more productive and joyful life.

Scholarship Statement

As a first generation college student, I relied on grants, scholarships and employment to finish my degrees. Those resources and support mattered greatly. I am making serving students, regardless of their ability to pay, a priority in my business. I will award need-based scholarships each semester. Priority will be given to those in marginalized communities.

To apply for a scholarship fill out this form. We will contact you for a free consultation to see if we are a good fit. If you don’t hear from us within ten days of your application, email Lanita at

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