Training, Support, and Accountability

Executive Function Class

This is a four session course to discover your executive strengths and weaknesses and to create a strong framework for being successful in school and work. By the end of the class you will theoretically learn how to leverage your strengths and create compensatory skills around your weaknesses. We will also discuss how to monitor your motivation and emotion and make adjustments as needed to consistently do your work.

College Coaching Groups

The college coaching groups are designed to be a smaller group that allows for a deeper dive in creating consistency and implementing the skills learned in the executive function class. The participants learn more refined skills in organizing, managing emotions and motivation and practicing effective communication.

The groups are very supportive by nature and many times the participants become good friends. In addition to the once a week coaching group there will be available three additional opportunities for co-working sessions. The average participant stays in a group for three semesters, this allows enough time for the transition to college to be complete and the new skills to become lifetime habits.

"The insight Tina provides is invaluable. Her profound experience with students gives her an edge that I rarely see other ADHD professionals have."

Workshop Participant

"Tina's awesome at teaching by being organized, giving examples that are pertinent to the audience, and knowing her stuff! "

Debra Brown

Workshop Participant

"Tina is an expert on coaching ADHD students and their parents to relieve the stress and overwhelm of school pressures."

Parent Consult

"Tina's personality and experience created a calm, thoughtful and well-organized group oriented around the challenges of transition. Her discussion topics were sent out early enough to allow for thoughtful comments and shaped an atmosphere that encouraged appropriate vulnerability."

Workshop Participant

Accountability Group

The accountability group is designed for a student who has mastered the principles of executive function coaching and is skilled at consistently being productive. This group is larger, less personal and less expensive than the group coaching sessions. They consist of a once a week session to review the previous week’s goals and to plan for the coming week. Optional sessions to the college coaching groups will also be available.