I provide life coaching for college students, 11th and 12 grade high school students, and adults who have ADHD or suspect they have an unfocused style and wish to increase their efficiency in school and work.

11th & 12th Grade Students

Coaching program is based on 11th and 12th grade high school students.

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ADHD College Students test

Coaching for students in college.

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Parent Coaching / Consultation


Coaching program is for parents.

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Adult ADHD Coaching

ADHD coaching for efficiency in life and work.

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Living with ADHD is Stressful

Do you find you are stressed about:
  • Time getting away from you
  • Procrastinate around starting large projects or finishing a project
  • Disorganized with your papers and belongings

You put extraordinary effort into keeping all the balls in the air and inevitably one or two drop. Sometimes important ones that hurt those you love. You feel badly and wonder what is wrong with you.

It is not your fault

I will show you how to identify the symptoms of ADHD and you will no longer see them as personal shortcomings. You will discover what executive strengths and weaknesses you have and receive quality training to overcome those weaknesses with routines and structure designed specifically toward your unique situation. You will discover how to work with yourself, to attain a new level of efficiency and comfort in both your personal and professional life.

ADHD has a very strong genetic component, some researchers believe as high as 80%. If you see signs of ADHD in yourself, chances are you may recognize it in your child as well.

8% of all students are ADHD and it makes school exhausting

There is nothing more frustrating than watching your bright, talented child struggle with every day responsibilities that seem easy for other children to accomplish. These frustrations might include:

  • Fighting with your son/daughter to do their homework
  • Chaos trying to get out of the house in the morning,
  • Starting the semester strong but fizzling out in motivation and focus long before the semester ends
  • Studying well for a test, only to freeze with anxiety and not be able to produce the answers

You have done all you know to do, from bribery to threats but you both are tired.  Tired of ordinary life and school being so hard.

You are not alone – help is here!

Academic life coaching is an active partnership between child, parent and coach. Using the most current research in child development and brain science, coaching consists of:

  • a comprehensive assessment to evaluate what’s working and what’s not working
  • client-specific training,
  • professional support,  gentle accountability and
  • gradual fading of support when your child is ready to be more independent

Coaching is intended to build confidence, motivation and self-reliance in the classroom and beyond. It is not a quick fix, but over time your child’s brain will be trained to be more efficient and they will once again enjoy learning.

All of the coaching methods I use comes out of a belief in compassionate, collaborative and contemplative care.

Compassionate – When work and school is difficult, you need a coach who isn’t. I accept my clients where they are and listen deeply to their concerns. By building rapport and helping them identify what’s working and what’s not working for them, they are able to take ownership of the changes they wish to make.

Collaborative – I am an equal, active partner with my clients and their families. Spouses and partners of a person with ADHD need information and support to increase coaching success and decrease family stress. Students make fast and long-lasting change when their parents make a commitment to be willing to grow and change themselves. I also work with my client’s school when needed so all parties are on the same page.

Contemplative – Clients learn to slow down and mindfully pay attention to their thoughts, feelings and behaviors. They are shown ways to calm themselves and observe themselves in relationship, deciding how to respond rather than react. They access their intuition and create unique solutions to their obstacles.

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Why Work With Me?

I have 30 years experience in counseling children and families. I have almost a decade of experience working in schools. I am excited to now offer life coaching for adults and students with ADHD. I am uniquely qualified to lead you to a life filled with efficiency and ease.

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