The Semester Solution:

the essential guide for finding executive function success in college and beyond

Executive functioning is the term used for a range of cognitive skills that help regulate behavior and accomplish goals. It includes planning, working memory, impulse control, flexible thinking and managing emotion.

All students who live with ADHD have executive function weaknesses,
but you don’t have to have ADHD to need executive function support

After working with more than 800 neurodiverse college students, I built this 15-week course to give you the most efficient executive functioning strategies and methods for overcoming the obstacles that have been preventing you from reaching your finals with confidence.

15 Pre-Recorded Modules + Weekly Live Q&A Sessions $450 (or Two Payments of $245)

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I am committed to all students from marginalized communities,
regardless of their ability to pay,
to have access to high quality coaching and support.

Learn to stay in a steady flow of productive engagement through out the entire semester even when things aren’t going well.

Common concerns I hear from my clients:

I don’t know where to start.

It’s normal not to know where to start when you are still learning how to be a college student. I will provide you a template for knowing what to do and when to do it.

I hate keeping an agenda or doing calendaring

For many students, well meaning parents and teachers enforced planner use and it felt like a punishment because it wasn’t an option and it didn’t feel relevant. Making peace with calendaring is an empowered method for learning how to use your time well.

I miss due dates, appointments and even fun things to do

Before coming to college you may have been able to juggle all you needed to do in your head. You probably also had friends and family to remind you of what to do. Now that you are more independent and have more on your plate it’s just not doable to keep it all in your head.

I wait for the last minute to study for tests or start large papers or projects

Breaking down large tasks and planning when to do chunks at a time is not natural but is doable. Waiting for motivation is not sustainable, learning to start when you want to and not waiting until you have to will bring immeasurable peace to your life.

This 15 week course will give you easily digestible, video lessons and handy checklists that will provide a foundation of executive function support that will make your college experience more enjoyable and successful. You can watch the videos every week of the semester or binge them on a weekend.

You will be an engaged member of your college community and know:

  • what executive function is and how to strengthen those weaknesses
  • start the semester strong with systems that support you
  • stay engaged when the rush of newness has passed
  • prepare for finals while finishing your classwork

There are four sections of this course. The first section is all you need to know about executive function, the second section is starting the semester strong, the third section is called the mid-semester reboot and the fourth section is the fantastic final finish.

Executive Function: What it is and how to strengthen it

This is a comprehensive overview of executive function theory to help you discover your particular executive function strengths and weaknesses.

Starting Strong

At the beginning of the semester there is tons of new people and things to learn. It is so exciting that we can forget to lay a foundation of what we need to do and when to do it.

This section of your course covers:

  • Set up an online calendar for the semester,
  • Identify when to do homework and study,
  • How to talk with professors and use office hours,
  • Find and use campus resources
  • Use a weekly accountability form to reflect on your self care

Staying Steady

By October, the novelty and excitement of the semester has worn off. That feeling of becoming comfortable can feel like boredom and extra precautions will help you stay steady emotionally and engaged in school. This section of the course will provide an organizational reboot and an emotional regroup.

Staying steady gives you the ability to:

  • Assess your current academic standing with a step by step educational checklist,
  • Do an organizational reboot with a calendaring checklist
  • Clear your living space with a quick ten minute procedure,
  • Review the top 3 study skills
  • Identify emotional distractions and create a plan of action for them, and
  • Create accountability to stay engaged to the end of the semester.

Fantastic Final Finish

You are humming along, staying steady with getting things done and before you know it final exams are here. It’s easy to forget to plan ahead to finish well. You can learn to juggle final’s preparation with continuing to do the class work.


This section of your course covers:


  • Getting clear on the final exams dates, times and locations,
  • How to assess what you know and what you need to learn
  • When to communicate with your professor about your class standing,
  • Create a study guide using an 80/20 rule
  • Schedule study times for finals while still doing your class work, and
  • How to maintain motivation to finish strong without burning out.

Who would benefit from this course?

  • Anyone in transition to college or university
  • When you are regrouping from a semester that didn’t give you the result you had hoped for
  • Those who live with ADHD or have a disorganized style
  • Students who are doing ok but would like to perform better with less stress
  • Students who have alot on their plate outside of their academics

The Semester Solution:

the essential guide for finding executive function success in college and beyond

  • Contains XX video lessons of 3 – 10 minutes each
  • All videos are closed captioned and transcripts are provided
  • An online, self-paced course, you can download for lifetime access
  • Weekly, live Q&A when school is in session



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SAMPLE 2-3 Minute video

Tina Bowne Hart

I am a masters prepared counselor and board certified coach with over 30 years of experience in education and mental health. Through the eight years that I’ve been in this practice I have coached hundreds of students and adults who needed to increase their productivity while still enjoying their life. My intention is to create a safe and nurturing environment for my clients to learn to recognize, be responsible for and ultimately celebrate the way their brain is wired.

It was during my time as a school counselor, that I noticed that some very bright and capable students were not able to show, through their grades, how talented they really were. I spent years researching why this was, with some of the foremost authorities on ADHD and executive skill function. I developed a student training and support group that included training and consultation sessions for the parents. I saw my students’ blossom in confidence, motivation, organization and improved self-esteem.  The biggest surprise was how quickly they made changes with very minimal skill training and support.

Many parents were relieved and hopeful after only one information meeting. They had a framework for understanding and meeting their child where they were, that replaced the confusion and frustration that previously had occupied their mind. They also began to identify their own issues with ADHD and executive skill weaknesses and used coaching to improve their home and work life. Many felt they finally understood why life had been so stressful for them!

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The Semester Solution

A 15 week asynchronous, easily digestible video modules with checklists
and a weekly accountability form to keep systems at the top of your mind

$450 or 2 payments of $245

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