High School Student Groups

 ADHD Coaching For High School Students

Who is coaching for?

  • Does your student start strong and fizzle out by mid-October?
  • Is your student keeping up but making herself and the family suffer because she’s working ALL the time?
  • Does your student know they take medication for focus but doesn’t really understand how ADHD affects their ability to perform in school and life?
  • Are you fighting a lot because you are trying to oversee their work and they want to handle themselves independently?

How Does Coaching Help?

Coaching for high school students is designed to be a transformational experience where over time ( 1 – 3 semesters) will

  • have more consistency with their performance and not have to dig out of uncomfortable holes all the time
  • have more of a school / life balance so they consciously choose when to work and when to play
  • become the expert in their life on who they are and how they learn and are able to communicate with those in their life and how the ADHD affects them
  • better relationships with parents and family because the parents are able to enjoy them instead of supervise them

Why a group?

  • being with other students just like you lets you know you are not alone
    facilitates giving and receiving support
  • helps you learn how to speak out in a group and how to wait your turn
    safety net to try new things before trying them at home or school
  • more affordable coaching option

How Group Coaching works

Coaching is training, support and accountability. Each session is designed to teach pertinent information and skills, provide quality support and teach the students to provide one another with quality support and be an environment of gentle accountability – a place where you say whether you followed through on your intention from the previous week.

High school group coaching is a semester long commitment and no more than 4-6 students will be in any group. When the group is full, it is closed and no new members can be added. This provides continuity and safety to the group members and allows us to move along on the psycho-educational curriculum without any interruption.

The groups are divided into grade levels based on their development.

Grades 11-12 will focus on:

  • Creating more sophisticated organization and time management systems to include long term projects and larger units of information
  • Become expert in their executive skill strengths and weaknesses so they can easily explain how they function to doctors, teachers and significant others
  • Identify and manage emotional distractions and manage stress
  • Advocacy training including which 504 accommodations would benefit them most in college
  • How to build relationships through effective communication and how to create and use study groups

The format of each group is:

Celebration – each session starts with a declaration of what’s working and going well in their life

Organization/Time Management – back packs get reorganized each week and planners updated with current and future assignments

Lesson – each week will have a 5-10 minute lesson of relevance to the group

Laser coaching and discussion – the rest of the session is discussing the lesson topic and providing laser coaching to each student who presents with a challenge. Specific strategies will be recommended and followed up on.

Mindfulness Meditation – each group ends with a guided meditation

Coach’s Role:

  • create a warm and supportive environment for the students to grow and learn
  • keep up with each student’s academic progress
  • provide current and relevant information during the group sessions
  • empower the students to take on more and more ownership of both the group and their lives
  • give the parents information and support that enables their student more and more ownership in their academics and lives

Parent’s Role:

  • Step out of the coaching role with your student even if it means a temporary drop in performance
  • Step into enjoying them in the few years you still have them at home
  • Participate in parenting classes, workshops, and conferences as recommended

Contact me at (713) 557-7979 to make your complimentary session with me.


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