Adults With ADHD

Adults with ADHD

Do you feel discouraged because routine tasks seem to take you longer than you think they should?

Does time have a way of getting away from you?

Do you experience difficulty getting to places on time or finishing projects and deadlines on time?

Have you been accused of being too blunt with family and friends?

Do you have a child or family member who has ADHD?

Many adults have compensated for their symptoms of ADHD for so long, that they don’t realize how much easier and more enjoyable their life could be. ADHD has a very strong hereditary component, some researchers believe as high as 80% – that’s as high as the genetics for height!  If you see signs of attention and focusing in your child chances are you recognize it in yourself or your spouse as well. Although medications are  helpful for the core symptoms of ADHD, it isn’t sufficient to retrain the brain in every day executive self management.

Coaching can help you identify the symptoms of ADHD and understand that many of your challenges are symptoms of  ADHD, not personal short comings. You will discover what executive strengths and  weaknesses you have and receive quality training to overcome those weaknesses with routines and structures designed specifically toward your unique situation. You will discover how to work with yourself, to attain a new level of efficiency and comfort in both your personal and professional life.

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