Good Enough Parenting

photo (2)This past week, I met this little guy in the markets of Mexico City. He was around two years old and he was being fed a breakfast of fried eggs by a shop’s keeper.

My Spanish speaking friend asked if it was his son and he said, “no a friend”. His mother was another shop’s keeper in the market and this little fellow was free to roam from shop to shop, being cared for by the generosity of his community.

Initially, this can seem like neglect to those of us who tend to over protect our children out of fear for their safety. Upon reflection, it could also be an amazing act of faith, a pervasive belief that he will get his needs met and thrive with other mothers and fathers along the way who will step up and provide for him.

There is currently an epidemic of over anxious parenting that tells us we need to be all and do all for our children in order for them to turn out all right. We can feel isolated or even competitive with other parents while taking care of our children and forget that our children were born with a drive toward health and wholeness. Instead of doing more for our children, we can provide our children the space they need so they can make their own mistakes and recover from their own failures. By allowing our children to pick themselves up and recover from difficulties, we are gifting them with a capable message that will lead them to a glimpse of their own wholeness.


Tina Bowne Hart
M.A.Board Certified Coach
National Certified Counselor